Editorial Policies


The journal's publishing policy consists of the aim and scope, section policy, per review process and ethics statement. 

Research Paper in Economics and Finance is a forum of original works in various fields of economic and finance. In the field of economics the submitted papers should focus on particular topics, such as micro and macroeconomic policy, the theory of economics, development, growth, fluctuations in the economy or in various sectors, functioning of the markets, spatial economics. In the field of finance the papers should examine all phenomena related to the financial sphere of the economy, analyse the causes and effects of the flow of capital, identify motives and criteria for economic decisions. The research area of these papers may include: a) in terms of the subject matter: public finance, corporate finance, personal finance and households, financial institutions (including banks, insurance companies, investment fund companies and pension funds), international finance; b) in functional terms: investing (especially when the aim is to obtain financial income), raising capital, financial markets, financial policy, analysis and transfer of financial risk, redistribution of financial resources (e.g. through the tax system). 

a) EDITORIALS: Open Submission
b) ARTICLES: Open Submission, Indexed, Peer Reviewed
c) REVIEWS: Open Submission, Indexed

Each paper submitted to the Journal is assessed by the Editor-in-Chief according to the criteria: 1) a sufficient contribution of the paper to knowledge; 2) its high potential to attract the interest of an international audience the text is sent to review. Each pre-selected paper is evaluated by at least two independent Reviewers. The reviewers are chosen among the Editorial Team and experts in a particular field. The double-blind review process is applied. It means that neither the Author(s) nor the Reviewers know identities of the other.The process is conducted with the use of tools provided by the PKP OJS software. First the reviewers receive an automaticly generated e-mail with manuscript's abstract and review request. Upon their agreement to review the article they are granted full access to the manuscript via Journal's website. The Reviewers fill in the review form on the Journal's website and type their comments. Recommendation of every article is based on two positive reviews.

The ethics statements for the Research Papers in Economics and Finance are based on the documents entitled The Code of Ethics in Science: Annex to Resolution No. 10/2012 of the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences of 13 December 2012 and ``The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity’, which, after a long period of preparation, was announced by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and All European Academies (ALLEA) as the model for national codes in European Union countries. Moreover, the ethics statements for the Research Papers in Economics and Finance are based on the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors: Procedures
Procedure against ‘Ghostwriting’ and ‘Guest authorship’ in publications published in the Research Papers in Economics and Finance: Author (s) declaration and License to Publish