About the Journal

The Research Papers in Economics and Finance (REF, ISSN 2543-6430) founded in 2016, is owned by the Poznan University of Economics and Business. The journal is a forum of original works in various fields of economic and finance. In the field of economics the submitted papers should focus on particular topics, such as micro and macroeconomic policy, the theory of economics, development, growth, fluctuations in the economy or in various sectors, functioning of the markets, spatial economics. In the field of finance the papers should examine all phenomena related to the financial sphere of the economy, analyse the causes and effects of the flow of capital, identify motives and criteria for economic decisions. The research area of these papers may include: a) in terms of the subject matter: public finance, corporate finance, personal finance and households, financial institutions (including banks, insurance companies, investment fund companies and pension funds), international finance; b) in functional terms: investing (especially when the aim is to obtain financial income), raising capital, financial markets, financial policy, analysis and transfer of financial risk, redistribution of financial resources (e.g. through the tax system). 

The journal is an international, peer reviewed, open access e-journal of economics and finance, that is published every quarter of a given year. REF is published in English as the primary language, with double-blind review and a creative commons license. The submission of papers takes place online via ref.ue.poznan.pl All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editorial Board, and – if found suitable for further consideration – to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.

The journal does not charge any kind of fees (pre-acceptance or post-acceptance) from authors to publish their original research papers. All issues of the journal are archived on the current website which is stored on the servers of Poznan University of Economics and Business and will be always accesable for free. 

Research Papers in Economics and Finance is indexed, abstracted and distributed in:

  • BazEkon Citations,
  • CEJSH: The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities,
  • C.E.E.O.L.: Central and Eastern European Online Library GmbH,
  • EBSCO Publishing Inc.,
  • PKP Index, 
  • The National Library Digital Repository. 

The Research Papers in Economics and Finance invites to submit the original and unpublished munuscripts.